How to Make Water Filter with Activated Charcoal


Making a water filter by using activated charcoal is a great idea since the material is the most commonly used one. The porous characteristic of activated carbon or charcoal makes it is frequently used in the filter of drinking waters or aquariums water. The materials will trap the contaminants contained in the water,  hold them, and then flow the clean and pure water. Activated charcoal is much used by commercial companies to make penapis air. For the simple materials, then you also can make the filter by yourself.

What you Need?

Prepare some materials below before making the filter;

  • Activated charcoal as much as 2 lb. bags
  • Pitcher with bottom spout
  • Coffee filter in big size

Steps to Make Water Filter

The first step to do is cleaning the pitcher and then sterilize it by using mixed water with bleaching liquid; 1 gallon water for eight drops bleach. When the pitcher has been sterilized, place the coffee filter under the pitcher. Cover the spout of the pitcher with the coffee filter.

Soak the activated charcoal into water as long as 15 minutes to saturate the carbon. When the carbon has been well saturated, fill them into the pitcher until it reaches the ¾ full. The ¼ more space is for water reservoir. The next step, fill some water to the pitcher but don’t fill it more than half of the pitcher. As the water is flowing, the water will be filtered by the saturated carbon.

Making the water filter might seem easy and simple. However, not all types of water can be perfectly filtered by activated charcoal. Some types of water like hard water need more intense filtration system to remove all of the sediments. If you think that you need better water filter, just buy some products from reliable manufacturers. Penapis air in high quality is available in many options in Malaysia.